MICRONIX, spol. s r.o. Company has been on the Czech market since 1990, providing consulting and sale of measurement equipment, batteries, security systems and solar equipment. We also provide full-service calibration and measurement.

Batteries & accumulators

Division of accumulators and batteries imports and represents several prestigious brands - CSB Battery for the most demanding applications. We recommend CSB Battery for UPS, EFS (electric fire systems), telecommunications and ESS (Electric Security Systems).Our offer further includes backup batteries Yuasa and automotive batteries 30 - 230Ah, GS Yuasa Motorcycle and MOTOSTART. Motorcycle batteries are divided into Standard and Super Yumicron MF VRLA (valve regulated maintenance-free). Next, Alarmguard backup batteries are suitable for less demanding applications, EFS, ESS, telecommunications or data loggers. We also recommend batteries Leaftron for UPS, EFS (electric fire systems), telecommunications and ESS (Electric Security Systems). Battery chargers and testers Tecmate are recommended for the classic lead-acid batteries, gel and maintenance-free batteries (for example Optimate 4, Accumate, Testmate and accessories). The offer also includes Chargers Deca Class series, Mach, Matic and Smart, testers Emrol Alfabat.

Measurement equipment

The division of measurement equipment in MICRONIX, spol. s r.o. deals with selling of instruments for measuring electrical values (spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, clamp multimeters, RLC, counters, generators, millivoltmeters, milliohmmetrs, calibrators, sources, etc.), non-electrical values (thermometers, infra-camera, hygrometers, manometers, recorders, force transducers, anemometers, etc.) and instruments for inspectors. You will find products from well-known companies in our assortment, for example, Hameg, Metex, GoodWill Instek, Fluke, Rigol, Metrel, Summit, Lutron, Mastech, Amprobe-Beha, Appa, Motech, NF, Greisinger, Tektronix a Rohde&Schwarz, METRA, ILLKO, ZPA, COMET and others. Of course, we have our own service and calibration center.

Security systems

Welcome to our company, which also operates in the field of security systems. The department for security systems provides camera systems CCTV, Electric Security Systems ESS (Jablotron, Master Guardian), Electric Fire systems EFS (Global Fire Eguipment), power door locks (BEFO), access systems, car rearview cameras, videophones (video-porter) Kanrich. Our assortment includes: digital video recorders (DVR), compact cameras with infra red illumination (Activer), CCTV monitors, glass breakage detector, motion detectors, sirens, ESS loggers, camera covers, camera housings, IP cameras, objectives (COMPUTAR, TOKINA), DVR PC cards, assembly systems.

Solar systems

Energy division provides comprehensive services especially in the field of photovoltaic systems starting from project proposals, construction and running solar power stations up to monitoring, maintenance and service. Our specialists are trained in servicing of used components and are experienced in dealing with various complex technical problems. Guaranteed service and dispatching center is available also for customers, who did not build their power plants with us. We also sell photovoltaic components (for example, Yingli Solar, Topray Solar, KACO). For further information, click on the link.

Service & calibration

Our company disposes of its own calibration laboratory and service center. The calibration laboratory provides calibrations and set-up for analogue and digital voltmeters, ammeters, clamp ammeters and multimeters, sources and small calibrators of voltage and current, resistors and resistance decades, capacity meters, watt meters, digital temperature ? electrical calibration of multimeters? input for thermocouple type K -200°C up to 1000°C, temperature ? electrical calibration of temperature sensors and gauges inputs PT 385 and 392 -200°C up to 645°C and other instruments. The service center deals with warranty and out of warranty service and repair of instruments. It includes brands like HAMEG, TEKTRONIX, FLUKE, ESCORT, METERMAN, STATRON, DIAMETRAL, METEX, MEGGER, SUMMIT, BEHA, PROVA, APPA, LUTRON, METRA BLANSKO, MASTECH, MOTECH, ILLKO, GREISINGER, etc.